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Sustainable Island, cluster of Mechatronics District, is an export consortium of Sicilian historical family businesses that for over 3 generations produce goods and offer services.
The export consortium, set up in 2014, has strengthened the already existing cooperation and integration between the founding companies.
For years they had already started a business cooperation abroad trying to satisfy the specific needs of buyers more and more eager to Know How qualified at the highest levels.
Sustainable Island Consortium is useful to pursue joint promotion and collaboration objectives, to plan a series of actions and to promote the company business both in the European and UAE markets.
The consortium, recognized by the Ministry of Economic Development (MSE), today is the aggregation of leading companies in the fields of green building, design, materials technology, home automation, alternative energy, water treatment, design and applied research.
Sustainable Island today, thanks to a good promotional process and marketing campaign in the target countries, has provided to the member companies a remarkable visibility and a commercial attractiveness that they could never gain operating alone.
The promotion campaign abroad has been implemented through temporary showrooms in the target countries,  trade shows, incoming with selected buyers, business one to one, meetings with foreign operators in Italy and abroad.

  Why have we achieved a resounding success?

The results achieved till today are attributable to a group export strategy which has allowed an increase in promotional activities based on emphasizing elements such as the integration of services with the uniqueness of the innovative technological solutions offered; they emphasize the know-how and the made in Italy quality.
In practice the Consortium companies today have grown both in number, in products offer and type of services, being active in each sector of the construction industry: innovation, design, production, construction, maintenance.
The versatility of companies which operate within the Consortium allows you to identify the opportunities with a global vision that is the result of innovative ideas. The need to show and spread the application of innovative solutions applied to construction problems, along with numerous references and case histories in Italy and abroad, represents the operative process more efficient and obvious to gain new market shares abroad.
The promotion campaign, started three years ago, now produces sales results that emphasize the attention of those who want to renew the trust to Italian products in terms of quality of the materials used to impress the Italian style that the products of the Consortium Sustainable Island by Mechatronics represent for years all over the world. The result is an economic and commercial advantage that each company manages on their own. It should be pointed out that the Consortium promotes the companies, but it does not replace them in the conduction of trade negotiations..

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